Meat The Robinson

by Uncle Spudd

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released June 20, 2016

Produced by Jamey Sanborn at Skowvegas Recording Studio

Guitar/Vocals-Scott Cole
Drums-Jake Turner
Bass-Frankie Moon
Featuring Vic Robinson on gang vocals

Crack Rock Records
Plank Tape Records



all rights reserved


Uncle Spudd Skowhegan, Maine

Real Boyz from Maine absolutely killin' it with downright slammin' ditties

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Track Name: Master Race
So much hatred in one place
All because of the color of a person's face
We're all the same, but you're a disgrace
Many colors make up the master race
Track Name: Burn The Whole Place Down
We'll burn your empire down
Watch it crumble to the ground
We will never die
We'll always be around

Burn the whole place down
Track Name: Out The Door
Show up after drinking all night
Only looking for a fight
Out to ruin our good time
I can't stand you and your kind

Push your way out the door

Need to feel like you're a man
To make up for what you lack in the pants
Swinging fists and pushing people
You're far from welcome here

You don't contribute anything
To this place or to the scene
Just bruises and black eyes
Because of you, the circle pit dies
Track Name: Meet The Robinson
Doesn't eat meat and he doesn't drink milk
Hasn't for a while and he probably never will
Been called the Hitler of punk, but he's an anarchist
Uncle Spudd is one of many on his pop punk list

Meet the Robinson

Don't offer him a joint, don't offer him a beer
Don't even bring it to a show, he'll kick you out of here
Don't think about harmonies, this ain't opera, it's punk
Forget guitar solos, you can't mosh to all that junk
He's got the sickest spot in this vast, rural place
He's always shoving vegan treats in your face
Track Name: Obey
You take away our minds and you tell us we're all wrong
Thinking what we think, saying what we say
If you remove the only option of rebellion
Then what does it mean to obey?

You take away our minds
The only choice is right
You take away our minds
You take away our lives

You make all the rules and the standard of living
Two plus two equals five
What does it mean to have humanity behind you
When they don't know what's wrong, only that what you say is right

You take away our minds
The only choice is right
If you take away my mind
Then take away my life