Spudd Light

by Uncle Spudd

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Recorded at The Loft over April and May 2017

All songs written by Uncle Spudd

Keep it light

Overcome Records 007


released June 21, 2017

Scott Cole-Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele
Frankie Moon-Bass, Vocals
Jake Turner-Drums, Recorder
Jake Poirier-Piano

Photography by Jeannette Lambert



all rights reserved


Uncle Spudd Skowhegan, Maine

Real Boyz from Maine absolutely killin' it with downright slammin' ditties

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Track Name: Call 911
Early evening in a suburb town
Just after dinner, night is winding down
But there's a show happening down the road
And they're being just a little too loud
Who brought this crowd into town?
And what is that outrageous sound?
I'm just trying to watch TV Land
No other choice but to shut 'em down

Call 911
The kids are in the basement having too much fun
Call 911
They're making lots of noise, something's gotta be done

Keep away and leave us alone
Don't want no trouble, just here for the show
No harm done to anyone
For just one night, can't they let it go?
Clean fun, we don't need any drugs
But those neighbors can sure hold a grudge
Shut us down, you better lock your doors
Because we're coming and we're out for blood

Call 911
The kids are on the lawn and they all got guns
Call 911
They're at the door, I think you'd better just run
Track Name: Young Forever
I just wanna be young forever
Take my time growing old
I prefer that it happens never
But it happens to everyone, or so I'm told

We ain't gonna be young forever
In fact, my time is wearing thin
So, let's have fun while we're young together
Let's just stay here while we can

Do your best to run forever
Track Name: Like The Rest Of Us
Is the pressure from your peers enough to make you bust?
The media is where we choose to put our trust
Take off all your clothes, acceptance is a must
We'll tell her she's an object to be used by us
We'll teach her that her worth is nothing more than lust
We'll teach her to be sick just like the rest of us
We'll trick her into sex just like they did to us
Track Name: Airhead
I tried to tell him before
He's got a problem and he's bummin' us out
He's like a cold from your grandpa or sun poisoning
He always sticks around
Crashin' anywhere he can
He's got nothing good to say
Getting trashed and trashing the place
He never goes away

He's got the money for the dope he's smokin'
Somehow he's always fed
He's a leech, a mooch, a deadbeat
He's nothing but an airhead

Burning every bridge he walks
Every single time that he speaks
Nothing's gonna save him now
Looks to me that he's up a creek
Track Name: Moxie Is Better Than Coca-Cola
Moxie is better than Coca-Cola
Nothing's cooler than a stick and poke tattoo
Having fun is better than getting older
SpuddxCrew is cooler than you
Track Name: I Miss You When I'm Lonely
I miss you when I'm lonely
But only for a moment
And then I remember
The way you used to strangle me

'Cause you were always hateful
While I was nothing but grateful
To receive any beatings
That you gave to me

I miss you when my best friend
Is making out with his girlfriend
And then I'm reminded
That you and I would just be screaming at each other
Track Name: Voyage
When nothing's going the right way
When nothing goes to plan
Just abandon your station
Go out and be your own man
There's more to life than a car and a house
It's time to live when you've forgotten how
Go out and live on your own terms
You know that you can

Forget everything, get lost
Nothing's tying you down but yourself

I had a girl and I loved her
But she did not love me
She had me wrapped 'round her finger
She told me who I should be
Now she's gone and I'm left to myself
No one there to keep me on a shelf
I'm gonna live on my own terms
Now that I know I can

Forget everything, get lost
Nothing's tying me down but myself
Track Name: I Got Nothin'
I got nothin' to prove
I got nothin' to lose
I got nothin' to say to you

There's something going on in my brain
I think I've gone insane
I've gone and thrown your opinion away
I've lost all will to be
The person everyone would have me be
I've lost it all, now I got nothin'
Track Name: Destroy Us All
UFO's in outer space
They are abducting us
Specified deception
Trade blood for moral trust
Bowels flowing out of you
Now you have pooped your pants
Skipping all the common things
Like doing the poopy dance

Destroy us all

Probing from the moment your
Sad sack walked in
Draining vital fluids
For greater space science
Now you feel like a special thing
You feel like a god
You feel like a soda drinker
Playing roblox and COD
Track Name: Party At My House
There's a party at my house and I wasn't invited
I was running away
Track Name: Rearview
Where do I even begin?
Maybe I don't care to fit in
You're more than welcome to stay
Keep the authority you feign
I think it's time for me to leave
It never meant that much to me
And none of this has been
About popularity

I gotta go my own way
You won't understand
I am my own man

I don't know how
I can go without
All your grief
It gets so rough
I don't think I have enough
Your thoughts should not impeach mine
Track Name: Spuddnik
I got shot out of a cannon tonight
The sight was set on a ball around the sky
I go around beeping at the earth
Shake me down and show me what I'm worth

What does it mean to wander?
Constantly, I ponder thoughts

Explode out in a ball of fire
I don't know how to contact the spire
Show me how to make this work
Shake me down and show me what I'm worth

I will rain down in a ball of fire
Sonic burst of sound, as the scene grows dire
I will crash and burn in a pile of carbon
Study ash and learn of my family garden

And I don't know
And I don't care
And you won't stop me
Track Name: So Full Of Life
Last I saw, you were so full of life
Now, the vessel that once carried you is no longer in commission
You were always so proud of your son
If you could see him now, you would not believe your eyes

You always looked out for others
Forgot to take care of yourself
We rest assured, knowing that you made it
Made it where you were going

I remember staying at your house
And going fishing, Breezy Acres Motel
You taught us things we probably shouldn't have known
And you let us stay up far later than any child should
But your intentions were good

You loved to help everybody you could
You gave everything that you could possibly offer
You fought your battles and committed your crimes
But you were not a man of lax design
Even the strongest men fall sometimes
You got back up just in time

Last I saw, you were so full of life
It was so good to see you so full of life
It meant so much to see you so full of life
Track Name: Yeah, I Know
I hear everything you're trying to say
And I know that you're only looking out for me
Yeah, I know
And I know that you're just trying to help
But there's more to this life than physical wealth
Don't ya know

You say that I won't grow up
Yeah, I know
I know that I won't grow up
Yeah, I know

You say I'm a child, that I'm lagging behind
But I ain't hurting no one, I'm just having good times
Don't ya know
You be you, and I'll be me
There's more to everybody than what you see
Don't ya know
Track Name: Dan Schneider
Beer can beach, early nighttime
Road trip everyday, it's a good time
In a beat up van seeing places
That none of us have been
Living in a 90's sitcom
What will all our lives soon become
Now that we're all out of high school
And the fun is wearing thin

When a chance is there, you gotta take it
When the love ain't there, you gotta make it
When the world's asleep, you gotta wake it

I just wanna meet Dan Schneider
That guy is a genius writer
If it weren't for him, my childhood
Wouldn't have been the same
When it comes to ladies, I have no luck
I don't know what to say, because I suck
I'm growing older, but not growing up
And it's a crying shame

You're gonna make it, after all